Thursday, February 09, 2012

Listening Practice (39) Paul the neat guy!!!

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[Cut to his bedroom, Ross is listening at the door as Paul opens the door, trapping Ross behind it. With Paul’s back turned Ross coils up like a snake and slitters underneath the bed.]

Paul: (standing in front of a mirror and to himself) ________. ________ Paul, you’re doing great. 
(Ross moves a piece of luggage over so he can watch Paul.) 
She likes you. She… Maybe, she likes you. She likes you. Y’know why? Because ________________________. 
(Ross can’t believe what he’s hearing.) 
You are the man. You are (pause) the man!
 (He opens his shirt and looks at his chest.) 
I still got it. Nice and sexy. You’re ________________. (Starts singing) I’m just a love machine and I won’t work for nobody but you! Hey bab-y! (Flexes and grunts loudly.) Showtime. (Starts to leave and starts singing.) I’m just a love machine, yeah ba-by! (Grunts again and Ross is stunned.)

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  1. I mean, I too am a neat guy.
  2. 這就是為什麼我們不能再見面的原因了。
  3. 我會跟你在前門會面。
  4. 我告訴過你不要靠近我的女兒不然我就會讓你被開除。
  5. 我的老天你究竟在這裡做什麼?
  6. You and I are going to have to have a little talk.
  7. 我想要你知道我跟你並沒有那麼大的區別。
  8. Let me just see if I got this straight.

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後來呢?因為Elizabeth 跟她的爸爸Paul 只是客串,所以他們最後就分手了!

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