Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Listening Practice (9) Chandler Moving to Yemen

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Chandler: (entering, with Janice in tow) Hello!
Joey: Hey! (Sees Janice.) Ah!! (Janice screams in surprise.)
Rachel: Guess who we ____ _____ today?!
Monica: Janice?!
Chandler: Isn’t this amazing?
Monica: How have you been?
Janice: Oh well, I’m divorced.
Phoebe: Ohhh, wow.
Janice: Yeah, I’m riding the a______ p____. (Does the now famous laugh.)
Joey: And there it is.
Janice: I just came up to say, "Hi!" Hi! (to Chandler) And you, sweetie, I’ll see you tonight.
Chandler: Okay. Bye.
Janice: Bye.
Chandler: Bye.
Janice: Bye.
Chandler: Bye.
Janice: Bye.
Chandler: B-bye!
Janice: Bye-bye.
Chandler: Bye. (Finally closes the door on her.) (After it’s closed) I can’t stand the woman! (Phoebe is shocked, Joey is relieved.)
Phoebe: What?! I thought you were crazy about her!
Chandler: Yeah, I know, but all of those little _______ ______ she did before we fell in love? Like her voice, her laugh, her personality—Well, they’re all back! Y’know? And she’s picked up like nine new ones!
Joey: So what are you doing bringing her here?! There’s people here!
Chandler: Don’t worry about it. I’m taking care of it tonight. (Chandler opens the fridge and grabs something to drink.)
Rachel: You are not. You have never been able to ______ ____ _____ her.
Chandler: (standing in the door of the fridge) Well, I don’t have to break up with her this time. We’re not involved! I’m going to do a ___-______ strike! I’m going to end it with her before it starts. My ass is like frozen! (Closes the fridge.)
Joey: Yeah, try _______ ___ in the freezer for 20 minutes. (They all look around and then back at Joey.) I’m tellin’ ya!

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