Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Listening Practice (7) Rachel Moves Out

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Monica: You’re not dressed yet?! We’re supposed to start having fun in 15 minutes!
Rachel: Well and clearly not a minute sooner.
Monica: Rachel, you are  ______ ______ ______, I mean please tell me that you’re ______.
Rachel: Of course I ______! Monica relax! I just wanted to ask Phoebe her opinion on what I should wear tonight.
Phoebe: My God, I can’t get a minute of peace around this place.
Phoebe: Oh my God! Monica’s just gonna kill you.
Rachel: Yeah, yeah, I know.
Phoebe: Well, what you’re wearing is fine for that.
Monica: (entering) Rachel, I need to borrow—You’re not ______!!!! You’re not ______ even a little bit!
Rachel: Surprise!!
Monica: What?
Rachel: No, no don’t get mad because look—this is what happened. So I-I started ______ing, then I realized, "What am I doing? I ______ ______ ______ packing!" Right? But you love packing! So, as a gift to you, on our last night, ta-da!
Monica: (grabs a bag of those Styrofoam peanuts) I’ll be ______! Oh my God! I’m so sorry, I didn’t get you anything! Okay, look everybody has to help! Okay? You can help, can’t you Phoebe?
Phoebe: I have plans.
Monica: You’re plans were with us.
Phoebe: That’s right.
Monica: All right, Chandler can ______ ______, Ross can ______, and Joey can ______ ______. Now Phoebe, go tell the guys they have to help out!
Phoebe: Okay.
Monica: Okay! (To Rachel) Oh my God, thank you!!
[Cut to living room, Phoebe enters and closes Rachel’s door behind her.]
Phoebe: Hurry! Monica’s gonna make you pack! She’s got jobs for everyone! Now, it’s too late for me, but save your selves! (The guys scramble for the door.)
Monica: (entering and interrupting the guy’s escape attempt) Okay! The movers will be here in 11 hours. Rachel has not packed. Now, everybody has to help! Chandler, we’re gonna start with…
Chandler: Oh nope, I-I have plans with Joey.
Monica: I thought you said you were going to do nothing.
Chandler: Yes, but for the last time.
Monica: Okay fine, now Ross…
Ross: Oh, but-but I can’t do it.
Monica: Why not?
Joey: (quietly) I’ve got Ben.
Ross: Because, because I’ve got Ben.
Monica: It’s almost 8 o’clock, it’s almost ______ ______ ______. Where-where is he?
Chandler: He’s at a dinner party.
Monica: Is he really coming? Because I can see right into your apartment!
Ross: Of course he is! What, do you think I’d just use my son as-as an excuse? What kind of father do you think I am?
Monica: All right, sorry. (Goes back to Rachel’s room.)
Ross: (to the guys) I gotta go ______ ______ ______ ______.

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2) 與其去想你們會多想念對方,不如來想一些像是你們不會想念的事情

3) 我知道,我也很難接受

4) 你的大肥腳總是會把他們撐大

5) 你真的認為我會用我的兒子當作藉口嗎?你到底認為我是什麼樣的一個父親?



8)Rachel 有一些可以使他變成好室友的特質




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