Monday, October 29, 2018

Reading for vocab 4000 and above -(16) The Prohibition

In the 1910s in United States, a large number of people and organizations started a campaign to outlaw alcohol. They believe that getting rid of alcohol would purify America by removing what they believed to be the main cause of social problems. In 1919, a law was passed prohibiting the production and sale of alcohol in the United States. The period that followed this law was appropriately called Prohibition.

The law did reduce the amount of alcohol consumed in America. But criminals reaped huge rewards from the bar. The law didn’t quench every Americans thirst for beer, and crime organization leaders like Al Capone and Bugs Moran became rich and powerful by illegally bringing in alcohol from Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Government officials found it very hard to stop or even restrain these figures.

Fighting between rivals gangs and effects of police raids ravaged many American cities. Criminals, policemen, and numerous innocent people perished in these conflicts, leading to a wave of criticism against the alcohol laws. The last years of the alcohol ban also overlapped with America’s plunge into depression in 1929. The law was overturned in 1933, and, with the removal of the ban, crime levels began to drop.

  1. Who got rich from the law preventing the sale of alcohol?
  1. Criminals who brought alcohol into the US.
  2. Those people who have supported the alcohol ban.
  3. People who used to drink a great deal of alcohol.
  4. Government officials who brought about the law.

  1. When did the alcohol ban end?
  1. 1910.
  2. 1919.
  3. 1929.
  4. 1933.


  1. If you invest your money now, you will ________ the benefits during retirement.
  2. When exercising, you should frequently ________ your thirst by drinking water.
  3. The people trapped on the deserted island will ________ if they are not rescued soon.
  4. Commercial and tax laws ________ every trader and every company to keep accounts and pay taxes.
  5. Air- ________ shelters were built specifically to serve as protection against enemy air attacks.
  6. Members of our track team take turns running short distances during a(n)  ________ race.
  7. I ________ this morning, so I missed my train and ended up being late for work.
  8. Bop felt really hot, so he ________ into the freezing cold water.
  9. I know where your lost purse is, so wait here while I ________ it.
  10. The students followed the professors diagram on the ________ screen.


  1. Be careful not to ________ it when you exercise, or you will become exhausted.
  1. overdo
  2. overlap
  3. overturn
  4. overflow

  1. He was ________ by ambition and made a habit of always doing his best.
  1. prohibited
  2. prolonged
  3. propelled
  4. plunged

  1. She ________ happiness wherever she went and greeted everyone she knew with a friendly “hello.”

  1. radiated
  2. rattled
  3. resumed
  4. removed

  1. James ________ a prayer at night before he went to sleep, asking for health and happiness.
  1. mounted
  2. mumbled
  3. pecked
  4. poked

  1. The water company ________ the water, so it is safe to drink.
  1. pierces
  2. plungers
  3. purifies
  4. prevails

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Reading for vocab 4000 and above -(15) Ecotourism

A large number of people don’t get that many vacation days, so when they do go on holiday, they want it to be special. As most people now live in cities, they like, during their holidays, to get as far as possible away from the fumes and honking cars associated with city life. Leaving that behind, they go to places where nature flourishes. That’s why ecotourism is becoming so popular. Ecotourism seeks to minimize the impact travellers have on the environment. Ecotourists might have to haul their own gear, and the hiss of a car engine cooling might be replaced by the gallop of a horse. It’s all done to heighten our awareness of the natural world.

Out in nature, without the aid of machinery or modern conveniences, ecotourists learn to appreciate the gleam of the setting sun as it glistens on the calm waters of a pristine lake. They are taught about the importance of the natural world, and our need to integrate ourselves into it once more, rather than intrude further with our ever expanding cities. What’s more, being away from the city for a while can induce a welcome sense of calm. No wonder many eco-tourists wish they could linger a little longer before going home.

  1. What is the goal of ecotourism?
A.        To raise environmental awareness.
B.        To stop people from going outdoors.
C.       To raise money for an environmental charity.
D.       To make more people move to the city.

2.        What might happen to people who go on and ecotourism trip?
A.        They will want to go back to the city quickly.
B.        They will come to resent nature.
C.       They will get stressed out.
D.       They will find it very relaxing.

forsook /generate /honked /magnify /flourish /hence /glittering / lessen /lest /merged

  1. After a difficult entry into online retailing, his little business has started to _________.
  2. This medicine will _________ the pain, but you should still see a doctor.
  3. Diana put on a heavy coat _________ she should catch a cold while walking in the freezing weather.
  4. Does this project work develop the separately, they need to be _________ into a larger one.
  5. No greedy woman _________ her boyfriend and married the rich man instead.
  6. I was fascinated by the splendid scene where lights were _________ and a band was playing softly.
  7. The company hope this new advertising campaign will _________ a lot of sales.
  8. Ted _________ his car horn, warning the other driver not to cross into his lane.
  9. If you _________ this drawing on a computer, you will be able to see its small details better.
  10. The trade imbalance is likely to rise again; _________, a new policy will be required soon.


  1. The pet monkey tried to _________ her owner by walking like she does.
A.        mingle
B.        mimic
C.       flip
D.       flutter

2.        George _________ his old bike so that his son could ride it comfortably.
A.        modified
B.        loomed
C.       initiated
D.       hacked

3.        A nightmare often ________ me when I was a small child, but I haven’t had it in recent years.
A.        hauled
B.        haunted
C.       hurled
D.       hovered

4.        The commander orders his troops to ________ the building from attack.
A.        modify
B.        mingle
C.       fortify
D.       flutter

5.        When electricity went out, she used a flashlight to ________ the room.
A.        induce
B.        intrude
C.       initiate
D.       illuminate

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