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Reading for vocab 4000 and above -(2) Running for President

Running for president

Running for president of the United States of America is no easy task. Candidates are on the road for months on end, traveling from state to state. It is a long and tiring affair, full of press conferences, speeches, and rallies, with the goal of publicizing the candidate. A candidate main duty is to be a reminder of what America stands for, and where they can lead the country.

Though it may seem like a solo trip, the candidate has and entire team of aides and consultants. This team makes recommendations when to visit each states, provides useful information, creates questionnaires, and helps write speeches.

Presidential campaign speeches can sometimes resemble sermons. With beautiful prose, the best politicians use their rhetoric to sway attendees. If a candidate enters a state traditionally against their party, protesters may show up, calling the candidate’s words propaganda, and possibly even starting riots.

Running for president is not cheap and a candidate‘s main form of revenue comes from large donations or personal funds, as millions of dollars are spent promoting a campaign. The owners hope to be repaid by having their candidate win the election.

Every four years, the Tuesday that falls between November 2nd and 8th signifies the end of the campaign season, and is the national ritual called Election Day.

  1. According to the passage, why does a candidate need staff to travel with him or her?
A.        To protect him or her from dangerous situations.
B.        To provide useful information and assist in important tasks.
C.       To provide entertainment for other candidates.
D.       To help pay for the candidate’s expenses.

2.        What is say about the candidate‘s speeches?
A.        They can be wonderful to listen to.
B.        They are often full of lies and deception.
C.       They have no impact on the results of an election.
D.       Many people prefer to watch them on TV.

Fill in the blanks

Rhetoric/ransom/seminar/propaganda/sanctions/purchase/revenue/riot/ questionnaire/renaissance/

  1. While making a __________, researchers must consider the target respondents’ age and education.
  2. The US has placed the military and economic __________ on Iran because it feels the nation is in violation of international laws.
  3. The ancient language, which almost died out, has been undergoing a __________ lately, as several scholars are studying it.
  4. The politician’s speech is just empty __________; he’s not going to keep any of his promises.
  5. The things the other country’s leaders said about Taiwan are purely __________; there is no truth to those statements.
  6. The criminals let the young boy go after his family gave them the __________ they demanded.
  7. Factors affecting tax __________ included number of taxpayers and their level of income.
  8. The University will be conducting a __________ on the global economy next week.
  9. During the __________, angry people burned cars and through stuff at policemen.
  10. It is convenient to click on the pay bottom to complete your __________ online.


  1. One could face the death penalty for attempting to __________drugs into our country.
A.        slaughter
B.        smuggle
C.       smack
D.       signify

2.        The movie star read the film’s __________ and laughed when he saw some of his lines.
A.        sermon
B.        siege
C.       script
D.       solo

3.        The soldiers feared that their enemies would __________ them, but their enemies treated them well instead of killing them.
A.        repay
B.        rally
C.       sanction
D.       slaughter

4.        You should return the faulty product to the store for a full __________.
A.        rally
B.        refund
C.       rental
D.       retail

5.        Deborah asked her English teacher to write a letter of __________ for her college application.
A.        recommendation
B.        revelation
C.       procession
D.       publicity

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IELTS Listening 001-4- Following-up

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Reading for vocab 4000 and above -(1) Winning the lottery

Winning the lottery

Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? If you have, chances are you’re not alone. Everyone, from butchers to teachers, has probably dreamed of liberating themselves from their job after winning millions of dollars and using their newfound sense of liberation to pursue a life of luxury. Lottery tickets are peddled everywhere, from shopping malls to street kiosks. The winning numbers are usually read out on local newscasts. And commercials for the lottery on TV preach that hitting the jackpot is the ultimate ticket to freedom. But not everyone subscribes to this myth.

Sure, winning the lottery will definitely help your pocketbook. But lottery winners often focus on materialism, buying fancy new homes and cars. Only later, once most of their winnings have been spent, do they realize that they should have lived by the motto, “you can’t buy happiness." If, by some miracle, you do win the lottery someday, remember the legendary tale of the elderly couple who gave all their lottery winnings away. This Canadian couple didn’t take an oath of poverty. They simply realized that they already had everything they needed, and gave millions to charities that needed the money more than they did. Now, they are regarded as legitimate heroes.

  1. According to the article, what do lottery winners often do?
A.        Give a lot of their winnings to charity.
B.        Buy expensive things they don’t really need.
C.        Refused to accept the money they have won.
D.        Get into a fight over who should receive the money.

2.         What is the main message of this article?
A.        Money won’t necessarily make you happy.
B.        Money is the key to everlasting happiness.
C.        Money is the root of all evil.
D.        Money can solve all your problems in life.


  1. In Sanskrit, the classical language of India, the __________ meaning of the word “yoga” is “union.”
  2. Indian __________ consists of a large collection of tales that explain the origins of the world.
  3. I can’t hear the __________ of the song, but I bet the singer is singing about love.
  4. Volunteers __________ the neighborhood every night, acting as the eyes and ears of the police.
  5. The soldiers are responsible for the __________ of thousands of Indians in south America.
  6. The __________ was distributed to each resident to inform them of the recycling program.
  7. Everyone seems to like Jay Chou, as he’s part of the __________ culture.
  8. The president issued a call to __________ space enthusiasts in support of the space program.
  9. McDonald’s yellow __________ is probably one of the most recognizable in the world.
  10. He buys a __________ ticket every week, but he hasn’t won yet.


  1. This legend tells the story of the __________ figures from ancient China – Fuxi, Shennong, and the “Yellow Emperor.“
A.        legendary
B.        legitimate
C.        literal
D.        legislative

2.         The writer uses the word “slum“ as a __________ for the sufferings of mankind.
A.        materialism
B.        masterpiece
C.        mechanic
D.        Metaphor

3.         The author was asked to rewrite his play in the __________ form.
A.        photographic
B.        parliamentary
C.        narrative
D.        municipal

4) The woman __________ illegal drugs was arrested after she tried to sell some to a policeman.
A.        patrolled
B.        liberated
C.        modernized
D.        peddling

5) The government __________ to treat poor people better, but it didn’t keep its promise.
A.        pledged
B.        presided
C.        liberated
D.        Narrated

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中學閱讀文意選填易錯題 (3) The oldest person to climb mount Everest

The oldest person to climb mount Everest said on May 26 that he would not try to scale the world’s highest peak again – even though his new record may soon be in____(1)____.

“I think three times is enough, “Yuichiro Miura, who ____(2)____ the top of Everest at the age of 80 two weeks ago, told reporters. “At this ____(3)____ I could not think of anything but rest.” Meanwhile, Miura’s 81-year-old rival, Nepalese climber Min Bahadur Sherchan, was at Everest’s base camp ____(4)____ to regain his title as the oldest to conquer the mountain. Sherchan ____(5)____ the record for five years until Miura snatched the title. “ I wish him best of luck,“ Miura sad in Japanese, with his son Golda, 43, who climb to the top of Everest with his father last week, serving as his ____(6)____.

Miura, however, insisted that Sherchan ____(7)____ up any claim of scaling Everest’s peak with clear photographs of the climber showing his face at the summit. Miura had climbed Everest in May 2008 at age 75, but Sherchan did the same day earlier at 76. Miura ____(8)____ heart surgery in January for an irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia, his fourth heart operation since 2007. He also broke his pelvis and  ____(9)____ thigh bone in a 2009 skiing accident. It ____(10)____ that Miura feels his health is more important than keeping his record. It is also clear that records will continue to be broken as more people continue to climb mount Everest with each passing year.

reached/ left/ held/ interpreter/ underwent/ preparing/ appears/ jeopardy/ back/ point

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6-minutes English (7) --Bitcoin: digital crypto-currency


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currencythe money being used in a given country at a certain time
crypticmysterious or difficult to understand
legal tenderthe official money that can be used within a country
changes in amount or level
increased very quickly

scepticism (AmE: Skepticism)
doubt that something is real or true

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  1. 西班牙的法定貨幣是歐元。
  2. Crypto-這個字首意思是「隱藏的」或是「秘密的」—它是從cryptic這個字演化過來,意思是「神秘的」或是「難以理解的」。
  3. 比特幣的價值最近水漲船高而且產生高額的利息,事實上,芝加哥的一個股市已經開始交易比特幣的期貨。
  4. 它是一個可以讓世界運轉的東西,但是它又不實際存在。
  5. 我知道它是一個數位貨幣,所以是不是說…你只能用它在網路上買東西?
  6. 雖然比特幣並不是銀行或政府法定的,它仍然有一個程序來阻止人們違法使用。
  7. 在今天的6分鐘英文單元,我們將要談一談惡名昭彰的比特幣。
  8. 但是大型的銀行仍然對這個貨幣採取懷疑的態度。



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Why Silver and Gold:

Why Silver and Gold- the Hidden Secret behind Money: