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多益口說練習 (意見陳述)-6 Life is more Enjoyable now than in the epast


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多益口說練習 (意見陳述)-5 Supervisors


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Advanced Vocabulary 007-English everywhere

English everywhere

What is the official language shared by Botswana, Cameroon, Gambia, India, Ghana, Belize, and Singapore? You might be surprised to learn that it is English.

The impact of the English language has been felt around the world. A Chinese businessperson speaks English with an airline receptionist in Nigeria. A polish-born pope, who lived in Italy, traveled to Israel and give a speech-- in English. Over half of the worlds newspapers are written in English. It is also the international language of Air-traffic controllers.

One reason why English is so pervasive is the popularity of American culture. (1) People across the planet have been imbued with images from American pop culture through movies, television programming, and music. In Africa, more than half of the films shown are produced in the United States.(2) Not surprisingly, this has raised concerns that young Africans are being indoctrinated with values different from those of their traditional cultures.

English has even worked its way into other languages. Germans talk about die Soundtrack and chatten (to chat). (3) Although guddobaifaitingu supiritto, and hottodoggu May seem esoteric, they are simply Japanese Anglicisms for goodbye, fighting spirit, and hotdog. 

When words like le drugstorele weekendI'Internet, and le Big Western became popular in France, some national politicians became worried. (4) Articles, some rather didactic in tone, urged the French people to protect their language. In fact, in 1994, a law was passed to prevent advertisers from using English words.

Because English is so widely used, people across the globe have been rushing to learn it. According to one estimate, 1 billion people currently study the language you are now reading. (5) The pedagogical methods that people use to learn English vary widely. (6) Some relied on pedantic routines, which focus on memorizing words and learning formal grammar. Other methods, such as Total Physical Response, use body movements to act out English comments. (7)  More erudite methods include learning English by reading English literature. Still other programs require students to study American media. In China, hundreds of millions of people are learning English by watching television.

In one way, English is considered a relatively easy language. Unlike Spanish and German, English attaches no gender to common nouns. (8) So, unlike teachers of many other languages, teachers of English do not have to elucidate the gender of nouns.

On the other hand, English has an enormous vocabulary, general rules with many exceptions, and a large number of idioms, or non-literal phrases, such as "brownie points," "keep your eye on the time," and "put up with." Finally, to speak a language well, one must know the culture of its users. (9) Therefore, good teachers must edify their students about the customs of the English-speaking world.

It is difficult to tell how long English will retain its worldwide the status. (10) Language pundits predict an increase in a global importance of Mandarin Chinese, Hindu-Urdu, Spanish, and Arabic. With languages, as with anything else, nothing lasts forever. 

1) People across the planet have been __________ with images from American pop culture.
A. Strongly influenced
B. Tried to moralize
C. Spread throughout
D. Not had an effect on

2) This has raised concerns that Jan Africans are being __________ non-traditional values. 
A. Self-righteous with
B. Made expert on
C. Bored with
D. Taught to adopt

3) The words guddobaifaitingu supiritto, and hottodoggu may seem __________. 
A. Known by few
B. Meant to teach
C. Foreign
D. Expert

4) Some __________ articles urged the French people to protect their language.
A. Preachy
B. Irate
C. Complacent
D. Explanatory

5) The __________methods that people use to learn English vary widely.
A. Preachy
B. Expert
C. Ideal logical
D. Educational

6) Some rely on __________ routines, which focused on memorizing.
A. Scholarly
B. Formal
C. Unconventional
D. Comical

7) More __________methods include learning English by reading English literature.
A. Spiritual
B. Scholarly
C. Linguistic
D. Teachers

8) Teachers of English do not have to __________ the gender of nouns.
A. Write
B. Inspire
C. Explain
D. Influence

9) Good teachers must __________ their students about the customs of the English-speaking world.
A. Narrowly show
B. Moralize to
C. Enlighten
D. Introduce

10) Language __________ predict an increase in a global importance of Mandarin Chinese, Hindu-Urdu, Spanish, and Arabic.
A. Experts
B. Teachers
C. Writers
D. Students


True or false
1. Some non-English speakers aren't happy about the filtering of English terms into their languages.
2. Most experts agree that English will hold it's worldwide position of dominance forever.
3. American television and movies are influential around the globe.

Writing: What is it like to learn the language? Based on personal experience or speculation, write about how it feels to learn another language. Your essay should be at least three paragraphs long. Use at least three lesson words in your piece and underlined them.

1. In his later years, Samuel Johnson a in his later years, Samuel Johnson had a brilliant career as a __________ (pedagogy)
2. Is mass _________ required to get a whole population to behave as a cohesive unit? (indoctrinate)


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兒美(少兒) 分級閱讀教材RAZ -- Y



911 A Dark Day                                   備用載點

Arrows                                   備用載點

Art of Photography                                   備用載點

Battling for Independence                                   備用載點

Believe It Or Not                                   備用載點

Biomimicry                                   備用載點

Born on Sable Island                                   備用載點

Escape from the Holocaust                                   備用載點

Fast Forwards to the Future                                   備用載點

Gems Treasure From the Earth                                   備用載點

How Little John Joined Robin Hood                                   備用載點

In Huck's Shoes                                   備用載點

Leaving Home                                   備用載點

Macro Polo and the Silk Road                                   備用載點

Meegor and the Master                                   備用載點

Miltie Math-Head Football Hero                                   備用載點

Miltie Math-Head Takes the Mound                                   備用載點

Odysseus and the Bag of Winds                                   備用載點

Plate Tectonics                                   備用載點

Pocahontas at Jamestown                                   備用載點

Prehistoric Giants(Other Than Dinosaurs)                                   備用載點

Protests and Uprising                                   備用載點

Robin Hood Wins the Sheriff's Golden                                   備用載點

Samuel de Champlain,Father of New France                                   備用載點

Seven Billion and Counting                                   備用載點

Ships of Discovery                                   備用載點

The Firefighter                                   備用載點

The Haidas                                   備用載點

The Legacy of Da Vinci                                   備用載點

The Life of Cesar Chavez                                   備用載點

The Mystery Twin                                   備用載點

The Story of Lewis and Clark Book 1                                   備用載點

The Story of Lewis and Clark Book 2                                   備用載點

Two Kettles                                   備用載點

What Do You Think About Climate Change                                   備用載點

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Reading for vocab 3000 and above -(13) A Country's Sports


Nearly every country on the earth has a sport near and dear to its heart. In Canada, that sport is definitely hockey. This fast-paced game is a part of Canada’s heritage, and has been played since the early days of the country’s history. To some, the game of hockey is Canada’s gospel. It might seem like an exaggeration, but it’s true. Go to any gathering in Canada, and the chances are the subject of hockey will come up. There are countless documentaries on Canada’s best players, folklore related to the game’s origins, and Canadian professional teams like the Montréal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple leafs have enthusiastic followings.

Every move modern day pro players make, from their execution of plays on the ice to their exploits off the ice, is followed by those who make a career out of sports journalism. And if a Canadian team should fail in winning an international competition, it can become a federal issue. Of course, for some Canadians, hockey is just an extracurricular activity. But many inherit a fanatical love of game from their parents, and will pass it down to their children as well.

  1. What is the main purpose of this article?
A.        To tell a fictional story about an ancient game.
B.        To introduce a famous sports figure.
C.        To talk about a sport’s fascinating history.
D.        To show a country‘s love for a certain sport.

2.         What do we know about modern professional hockey players?
A.        They are inferior to players in the past.
B.        They often behave in shameful ways.
C.        Their actions are followed very closely.
D.        They are largely left alone by the media.

Evacuated/ jaywalking / drainage/ encyclopedia /folklore / geographical / journalism / fraud /extracurricular / installed

  1. She majored in __________ in college and now she is working as an editor add a popular magazine.
  2. Fearing there would soon be a big flood, many people were __________ from their homes and moved to higher grounds.
  3. Some politicians are asking the government to investigate a possible vote __________.
  4. Paul bought the new software program and __________ it on his computer when he got home.
  5. If you don’t cross the street at a crosswalk, you may get fined for __________.
  6. This area gets flooded every time there is a typhoon because of his poor __________.
  7. We offer all kinds of __________ activities to help develop the students’ leadership skills.
  8. Poor __________ location made it difficult to defend the village.
  9. These tales provide a good introduction to the rich __________ of this tribe.
  10. People call him walking __________ because he is very knowledgeable person.


  1. The filmmaker will interview several soldiers for his new __________ about the war in Iraq.
A.        documentary
B.        guideline
C.        enactment
D.        installation

2.         If you check the __________ in the back of the book, you will find the pages you’re looking for.
A.        index
B.        document
C.        federation
D.        hymn

3.         It is illegal to __________ foreign workers or to unfairly slash their wages.
A.        enact
B.        evacuate
C.        excerpt
D.        exploit

4.         The only people entitled to __________ this title must be direct descendants of the king.
A.        insure
B.        install
C.        inherit
D.        issue

5.         He wants to go on an __________ across the North Pole.
A.        execution
B.        expedition
C.        exploration
D.        exaggeration



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兒美(少兒) 分級閱讀教材RAZ -- X



Body Art                                  備用載點

Dust Bowl Disaster                                  備用載點

Early Moments in Rock Music History                                  備用載點

Grandpa Smoke Jumper                                  備用載點

High-Speed Trains                                  備用載點

Jacey Nova Starship Pilot                                  備用載點

Making Big Bolstead Bucks                                  備用載點

Malik Had a House                                  備用載點

Meeting Mrs.Pierce                                  備用載點

Miguel and King Arthur                                  備用載點

Money,Money,Money                                  備用載點

Rosalind Franklin's Beautiful Twist                                  備用載點

Saved by the Stars                                  備用載點

Saving the Salmon                                  備用載點

Seeds of Revolution                                  備用載點

Seeing the Evidence Forensic Scientists at Work                                  備用載點

Takehito's Tango                                  備用載點

Talking to Each Other                                  備用載點

The Algonquins                                  備用載點

The Amazing Undersea Food Web                                  備用載點

The Blues More Than A Feeling                                  備用載點

The Internet                                  備用載點

Wildlife Rescue                                  備用載點

Your Road to the White House                                  備用載點

Zoos Pro or Con                                  備用載點