Friday, February 26, 2016

多益口說練習 (三)


請練習以上短文朗讀,每次以一個句子為停頓單位,每個句子的定義是以句號" . " 作為終結。


框起來的字表示要加重,98.7 屬於重要資訊,所以要重音。Colin Taylor 是因為是名字,也是重要資訊。另外,won't 則是屬於要強調的字。




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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nobel Prize -- 關於諾貝爾獎



看完了嗎?做個測驗看看你了解多少!Take a quiz

Why are the Nobel Prizes handed out by the King of Sweden?
Because Alfred Nobel declared Sweden the most peace-loving country on Earth
Because Sweden is a very wealthy country
Because Alfred Nobel, who founded the prizes, was Swedish
Because Sweden has a long tradition of great literary and scientific achievement
Alfred Nobel bequeathed a lot of money to the Nobel Prize committee. What does "to bequeath" mean?
To leave property or money to someone in your will
To reward someone for good behavior
To give a gift with no strings attached
To give someone a large amount of gold
Place the following Nobel laureates in the order they received their prizes: A) The founders of the Red Cross B) Martin Luther King C) Einstein
C, A, B
A, C, B
A, B, C
B, A, C
What is one benefit of winning the Nobel Prize?
You don't have to pay taxes anymore
You get to attend a prestigious European university
You receive a title from the King of Sweden
You receive money to help fund your ongoing work
For what accomplishment did Martin Luther King win the Nobel Peace Prize?
For spending his entire career fighting for civil rights
For his "I Have a Dream" speech
For the Montgomery bus boycott
For the 1963 March on Washington
Which of these people is most likely to win a Nobel Prize?
An author who writes a bestselling romance novel
An economist who spends a decade advocating debt relief for poor nations
A chemist who invents a new anti-dandruff shampoo
A painter who creates a popular, critically successful work of art
What did the invention of dynamite have to do with the Nobel Prize?
The inventor of dynamite received the first Nobel Prize in Chemistry
The Peace Prize was developed to prevent nations from using dynamite against each other in warfare
The gold used to pay for the Nobel Prize was extracted from the earth with dynamite
Inventing dynamite made Alfred Nobel wealthy enough to fund the prizes
Nobel laureates include Ernest Hemingway and Marie Curie. What does "laureate" mean?

Prize-winning writer
Prize-winning scientist or researcher
Someone who receives a high honor
Someone who is famous
Which of these is an opinion about Alfred Nobel?
He preferred that people use his inventions for peaceful purposes, not war
The fact that he developed weapons led some people to hate him
He was the most generous man of his generation
He established the Nobel Prizes
Which of the following is a category the Nobel Prize is awarded in?